Bare Bones…….the fascinating world of animal skeletons

Bare Bones is a series that explores the form and function of bones in animal physiology.  Made up of ten displays, the exhibition looks at adaptation and the evolution of species by examining skeletal anatomy. 

Each fully articulated, dramatically mounted skeleton is displayed with full graphic interpretation and, where appropriate, high definition audio visual material.  Learning material will examine the different aspects of osteo-anatomy and show how the skeleton defines the species. 


  1. Osprey with pike – birds of prey and hunting
  2. Monitor Lizard – reptiles, an ancient race
  3. Meerkat – adaptation to a desert life
  4. Ring-tailed Lemur – a gripping story of primates 
  5. Heron – digital development and the wading birds 
  6. Cats and Dogs – a comparative study 
  7. Coypu – rodents and the story of teeth
  8. Frog – land, water and amphibian anatomy
  9. Ray – strange bones 
  10. Crow – the story of flight 

This collection of stunning displays has been created to provide visitors with a fascinating insight into this intriguing aspect of zoology.

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