Snakes...a slither into a secretive life

This exhibition delves into the fascinating life of snakes, bringing to light their beauty, mystery and amazing natural history. Using taxidermy, skeletal mounts and award winning photography “Snakes…” demonstrates the distinctive features and behaviours of these extraordinary creatures.

Focussing on four main types of habitat, the exhibition looks at how snakes have adapted to live there successfully. The biology of snakes is also examined with displays on anatomy, reproduction, the senses, camouflage, and feeding. “Snakes…” asks a variety of questions including: How do they reproduce and grow? How do they protect themselves from predation? How do they sense their surroundings and their prey? How are snakes able to capture prey, and how do they digest and obtain nutrition from their food? The exhibition also discusses defense and looks at the use of venom within snakes.

The centrepiece is a stunning skeletal mount of a 12ft Burmese python which is fully articulated and dramatically displayed. Enhancing the entire exhibition is the outstanding photography of the award winning wildlife photographer, Michael Kern.

Highlighting the amazing world of snakes, this exhibition will leave the audience with an appreciation of the wonder and diversity of these magnificent reptiles.

All images in this gallery - copyright belongs to Michael Kern.

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