"Wild" .... A celebration of the Natural History of the British Isles

This series is a celebration of the natural history of the British Isles. It will give visitors the opportunity to see some of Britain's most elusive animals and to promote interest and appreciation for our native wildlife.

‘British Wildlife’ is made up of ten different species, each one focussing on a particular aspect of our natural history.

  1. Red Squirrel – native and alien species
  2. Barn Owl – birds of prey and adaptation
  3. Red Fox – urbanisation of rural species
  4. Gannet – coastal birds and marine conservation
  5. Grass Snake – British reptiles and habitat ecology - COMING SOON
  6. Great Crested Newt – British amphibians and rural/urban development
  7. Stag Beetle – British insects and the changing environment
  8. Salmon – fishing, conservation and the UK economy
  9. Mole – mammals and adaptation - COMING SOON
  10. Tree Sparrow – biodiversity and human impact

Each individually lit case contains not only a beautifully crafted and dynamically displayed specimen but also full graphics and, where appropriate, high definition audio visual material. Learning material for each display is also included. These will use the species to illustrate a particular theme from the science of natural history and, individually, will highlight fascinating and important biological topics. Together, however, this material will encompass the whole series and give a broader insight into the nature of British wildlife.

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